My respect for Doo Wop Kids was born before they launched, in the form of a crush on Astrid’s baby, @paperplayground on Instagram. When it became clear that the girls were launching a kids’ clothing brand I knew I would be in love. Astrid and Wendy have such a strong grasp of trends, colour and form mixed with some very serious skills in styling and marketing: it was a recipe for success and the girls have moved Doo Wop from strength to strength with each season. I love watching this relatively new brand explode and knew I had to pull the ladies aside and ask them how they do it al, before they were too famous to answer my questions!

Tell us more about yourselves. How did you meet? Are you creative soul-mates or the balanced ying and yang?! 

WENDY: We are both! haha. Ever since get go we just clicked on the creative tip. We both come from different creative backgrounds but have the same work ethic and passion for creating. I think our ideas flow together without effort, which makes it super easy. Ive known Astrid since my teens – I still recall those U18s parties we went too, wild times haha! Fast forward a heap of years, throw some kids in the mix and Doo Wop was created one sweet afternoon over hot chocolate and a fat notebook.

ASTRID: We met a very, very long time ago! I think we were 12 or 13 at the time. Our mothers are friends and so we became friends! I think we are the balanced yin and yang..but when we come together I feel we bring the same creative energy to create what we both truly in that sense I feel we can say we’re creative soul-mates!

 Doo Wop legends!
Doo Wop legends!

You both sound like very busy ladies, what made you start Doo Wop?!

WENDY: We are notorious for taking on too many things at once Haha! We both have our hands dipped in so many different projects at the moment but we wouldn’t want it any other way. I still have one idea sitting in the back of my head for almost 1.5 years now I’m itching to find time to work on. I started Doo Wop initially to dress my son and his little gang of friends and I keep having to pinch myself to sit back and see what its become in just over a year.

ASTRID: We’re definitely super duper busy! But you know what they say…you have to MAKE time!! Wendy had the idea of starting Doo Wop after having a baby boy of her own and she saw a gap in the market for cool, colourful, graphically well-designed UNISEX kids clothing. It literally just came about of her approaching me and saying hey what’s good, let’s do this, and I was like, hell yeah!!!!! haha

I love that your graphics are bold and unisex. What influenced both of those decisions?

ASTRID: Well Wendy has a boy and I have two little had to suit both of us hahaha!!! But in all seriousness, we feel that boys miss out on a lot of the fun, colourful stuff and they always look great in the more ‘girlier’ colours..I mean, have you seen how dashing the boys look in our pink bubble tea tee?? =D

WENDY: We design to suit our kids personalities. Our kids are loud, so our tees are too. There are no rules in fashion or colour and that gives us so much energy to be us when designing! Ive always put my son in Pink, since he was born. It suits him so I roll with it.


  The famous bubble tea design as party theme...these girls' creativity knows no bounds! 
The famous bubble tea design as party theme…these girls’ creativity knows no bounds! 

 Do you wear pattern? What’s your favourite at the moment?!

ASTRID : We do wear pattern! We love it but I feel Wendy loves it more =) It really depends on my mood and what I’m doing. For example, if I’m heading out for a photography job, my staple is all black – black tee, black skinny jeans. I love solid colours as well as they’re strong and make a statement on its own. I’m obsessed with Emilio Pucci and I can’t go past Gorman.

WENDY: Yep, I wear a heap of pattern. But also each day depends on my mood. I like to switch it up a lot and dresss differently each day or week. Flowy dress one day,  sporty the next and ghetto the following day. Haha I’m weird and so is my wardrobe.

Can you think of patterns from your childhood that might’ve formed your aesthetic?

ASTRID: My childhood was surrounded by Sanrio characters and all things Japanese. At the same time, I spent my first 8 years of living in Indonesia so I was influenced and love traditional Batik patterns. My first school uniform was Batik! So I really feel this has shaped my aesthetic to everything in design, really – I love colourful, kawaii things but I also love the organic, earthy colours and a deep appreciation to handcrafts and design with history and meaning.

WENDY: We are both big kids at heart. So what we love back then, we still love now. As a dancer, Ive been around costumes all my life. Everything on stage had to stand out and we always helped with making our own costumes which ruled! So many different styles, textures and materials! So I think those early beginnings have shaped the way that i design because Doo Wop keeps things bright! All the music clips i watched on TV in the late 80s also – Patterns and colours were everything!

  Image by  @jolinarica  on Instagram.
Image by @jolinarica  on Instagram.

Where do you go to for design inspiration?

WENDY: Outside! Anywhere and everywhere. I usually love the hustle of the city only because I hardly experience it as much as I used to. Both our fams are always out discovering new things, eating at new places and adventuring around Sydney – we love to explore and discover so many things along the way!

ASTRID: I don’t really go anywhere specific – it’s everywhere! The other day I was at the pools and saw the pool dividers all rolled up together and was inspired by the texture and combination of colours it created. 

Which country’s fashion are you most inspired by at the moment?

WENDY: Japan hands down. But so many creatives popping up everywhere its so hard to keep up!

ASTRID: Forever inspired by Japan and all things Mexico!

What are your top 3 favourite Instagram accounts right now?

ASTRID: Well, funnily enough they’re not fashion insta accounts! I love @taramilktea, @janellemonae and @paulhiltonphoto

WENDY: non kids fashion related also, this is more personal i think! haha! As you can see both mine and astrids style is totally different haha: @riehata and @avanope and @mstr_of_disguise

 Inspiration, @janellemonae
Inspiration, @janellemonae

What’s THE DREAM for Doo Wop?!

WENDY: I think Doo Wop is a dream in itself. We never planned for it to be where it is today let alone for it to even be here. Within the first year we had stockists worldwide when all we wanted to dress our kids and their crew! But yes, what Astrid said – give us a fat done up warehouse where we can build a creative hub for the kids. They are our future.

ASTRID: The dream is our own creative hub where we can create, play and doo wop all day, every day!!



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