I’ve long admired Goosebumps Boutique Bedding. In fact, when I received an email from Inga asking if I would be interested in designing for her company it was because she had seen me liking her pictures on Instagram! Of course I was over the moon and honoured. Goosebumps is very well aligned to my core design values: designs that are bright, happy and nostalgic but in a contemporary fashion. As a fellow catwalk trawler, I love talking trends with Inga and receiving her briefs in the (snail!) mail is like Christmas Day: I carefully open the tube, unfurl the A2 sheets and grin as I pore over her concepts. So I thought it fitting to pick Inga’s brain and share some of the inner-workings of my fellow colour lover.

Would you describe yourself as a creative person?

A creative mad hatter more like it! I get inspired by so many things from film, art, fashion and other like minded creatives. I have tear sheets all around my house, it’s like a forever changing mood board.

Do you recall some of your favourite patterns from childhood?

Well having a Russian background I can safely say that leopard print runs in my blood! I’m a 90’s aficionado and ex-dancer so I’ve always loved colour and print and had some hilarious costumes over the years. My favourite print of all time would be this white two-piece I had which was a crop top and long pants that was all white but had this 90’s hip hop, pop print! I thought I was the bomb!


Pac Mate design detail for Goosebumps Boutique Bedding.

Where are your favourite, obscure places to gather information?

Definitely the good old people-watching. It’s all about positioning yourself in the right spot and observing everything whilst looking like your actually not looking! Sounds creepy. I sound like a nanna but I love young kids’ street fashion. They are so much more fearless. I love the runway and follow everything fashion from around the globe.

 Ladybug design taken from Runway inspirations.
Ladybug design taken from Runway inspirations.

 What are your first steps in planning a range?

I start with aspirational images and this is created visually on a mood board. The we look at colour combos and fabrications for the season. I then start to create a theme or storyline about what the collection is going to represent. We always look at what new products we want to introduce and start to map out the entirety of the collection. It’s an arduous labour of love but amazing to start the process from scratch and give it life.

 Goosebumps 'Billie' duvet cover and cushion styled by  Tini Trader  for Fantastic Furniture.
Goosebumps ‘Billie’ duvet cover and cushion styled by Tini Trader for Fantastic Furniture.

Do you wear pattern?

Yes, always. I love florals and vibrant colours. My go to is @misterzimi. Easy, breezy and cheerful fashion.

What is your favourite thing to dress the boys in? Do they ever match?

My 5 year old twin boys are very rambunctious so I dress them in clothes that will stay on, wash well and not tear. It’s usually a pair of jeans, tee and sneakers or shorts and tee. Because they are twins, I never dress them the same same. They are different little dudes and deserve their own personality!

What is your favourite design so far?

This is tricky one because since we’ve started working with @elliewhittaker there’s not much to dislike. You’re the bomb and bring our vision to life like no one else has done! If I had to choose it would be Ladybug Love and Mr Toasted. Our SS/16 collection was the first time we did novelty cushions and Mr Toasted was hot (pardon the pun) and such a cutie. 

What would be the ultimate dream for you/Goosebumps?

A huge, creative team in an equally huge warehouse space that had sexy arch windows. And to crack the U.S market! Not asking for much!


You can see more of Inga’s gorgeous range at and on Goosebumps’ Instagram.

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