Babes love the comfort and Mummies love the designs: KaPow is certainly the word to describe this bold and exciting kids’ brand. What started out as a hobby for designer Andrea Goulding has now turned into a buying hobby for Mamas who can’t get enough KaPow in their closet. All of KaPow’s prints are exclusive, distinctive and cohesive: not just within seasons but from one season to another.  (They’re also often unisex, making them a fabulous gift for new babes!). Andrea kindly agreed to answer a few questions about where she gets her inspiration and what’s next for this exciting Aussie brand:

KaPow has a great, cohesive vibe. How would you descibe the KaPow look? 

I think the KaPow look is bold, a little quirky, and never plain or boring!

What inspired you to start designing kidswear? 

I was working part time as an Architect after having my first child, and just wanted a little hobby for something to do: to be creative. So I bought a sewing machine and taught myself to sew! My first pieces were really bad. But I started an Etsy store and sold some things, it quickly exploded and I had to quit my job. I was in heaven! I couldn’t believe how lucky I was.
Working in pyjamas is living the dream. People thought I was crazy but things kept getting busier and busier so I hired sewers and got stockists…so back to your question, I started kids clothing out of boredom! I needed something to do…and I have always loved fashion.

I recently learnt that you had a past life as an architect! Do you think that influences your work now? 
Not at all! But at least the things I learnt in Archi hasn’t been a waste. Lot of lessons learnt in Archi can be applied to fashion. But theres still so much I don’t know.

What’s the hardest part about running your own label? 
Finding time to do things is hard. Theres always so much to do, the list is never ending. Also, I have no one to bounce ideas off.

Where do you find inspiration for your prints?
I just choose themes that I like, say leopard print for instance, and compile a little mood board of all the leopard prints that I like the look of, then it sort of evolves from there. Im always thinking about prints, looking at prints, Ill be walking down the street and ill say to my husband, check out that print, that would be a cool KaPow print!

How long is the KaPow process from idea to season launch? 
Its about 6 – 9 months, kind of like making a baby I guess. It takes ages..

What’s next for KaPow?! 
Not much for now, just trying to enjoy Willow (6 months). Im pretty happy with where it is now so just hope that people continue to like it.

What was the inspiration behind your AW16 Winter collection (below)?
We have just released a cool new AW16 collection which features a cute penguin, a cheeky raccoon, a leopard print and a Boom Pow! print for the little superheroes. The collection was inspired by my childhood, some of my favourite animals growing up were Raccoons and Penguins, and then I loved reading and collecting comics, hence the Boom Pow print. The leopard print was a must because everyone knows that leopard is a neutral and goes with everything! The colour palette this season is minimal with black, white, beige, charcoal and grey.


Lastly, whose Instagram are you loving right now?!
I love @twolittleducklings, such cute stuff. 

UPDATE: Last night KaPow launched their AW17 range (none of these designs are by me, I just adore them, particularly the unicorn!), keep scrolling for some graphic goodness!



To see more of KaPow’s range check out the websiteand instagram.

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