2018…was giant.


I knew in 2017 that 2018 would be a big year. This last year I:

* executed two more successful Girt Squads (a collective of Australian makers)
* started designing and importing my own fabrics
* completed dozens of commissions
* presented a TEDx talk
* was featured on the world’s number one textile showcase blog, Print and Pattern
* had my designs published in Frankie Magazine and Hello, Lunch Lady (shoutout to @SoutenClothingCo and @Alfie.est2011 !)
* secured an amazing deal with Australia’s number 1 fabric retailer, Spotlight , through my hard-working agent, Nerida Hansen.

Behind the scenes we’ve also been blessed to start building a new family home and to begin plans for a new church/community centre.

These were all dreams I hoped to achieve at some point: some this year, some not for five years…but if you listened to my TEDx talk you’ll know that these all seem like minor blips on the radar: the real joy is being PAID to DRAW (!!!) whilst looking after my babes (!!!) – and I think my designs have spread some joy, too – WINNING.

I’d say, ‘luckiest’ Mum ever, but anyone who knows me (or has seen me tripping through the school gate whilst answering emails and swigging coffee) knows that luck has nothing to do with it 😉 Blessed beyond belief and rewarded constantly, despite my crazy ways.

It’s been a big year but I’m going to make the call: 2019 will be bigger still. I hope you have wonderful, scary and peaceful plans for your 2019 🙂 Keep it wild!


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